About us

Stillpoint is a group of people who are part of the various programs, as well as graduates from The Art of Spiritual Direction. The formation team are from an ecumenical background with training in formation, education, and other fields. All are spiritual directors and members of the Conference of Spiritual Directors (Australia).

The present Stillpoint team:

Irene Alexander – Program Director: Irene has a background in psychology, counselling, discipleship, missions and tertiary education and was trained in spiritual direction both in Brisbane and at the Mercy Centre in San Francisco. Irene teaches in universities in Australia and the Philippines. She has written several books, for example Practicing the Presence of Jesus which is about prayer in the Ignatian tradition of composition of place.

Ann Vogt is the mother of six adult children. Ann has a background in nursing, hospital pastoral care in areas of grief and loss and oncology and has worked as a registered psychologist in private practice. Ann trained as a spiritual director with Stillpoint and then as a Formator for the Stillpoint Course. 

Liz Gaynor was a minister with the Church of the Nazarene and now has a ministry in the Uniting Church at the Sunshine Coast. She completed the Listening into Life spiritual direction formation in NSW. She has written a book called
A Reflective Life. 

Craig Sadler is a formator in training. He has been a minister for over 20 years, and is currently the minister for leadership and formation with the Churches of Christ, Queensland as well as a formator with the Australian College of Ministry. Craig trained as a spiritual director with Stillpoint.

Reference Group: 

Jill Manton, Patrick Oliver, Dawn Courtman, Charles Ringma, Elaine Smith