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The original Stillpoint library had large sections on Prayer and on Spiritual Direction. These, and some further sections comprise the present library.

Books are accessible for borrowing in church office hours Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-12pm (See Venue page).


“Don’t think of this as a book to read. Think instead of it as a wonderful conversation over coffee–or perhaps while on a long walk–with a warm and very wise Christian woman whose faith is grounded in her own ongoing dialogue with the living God. ..It is a book in which the author invites the reader to accompany her in engaging with scriptures-not as a text to be studied but as the living word of the Creator that must, therefore, be engaged with the senses and imagination, not just reason and analysis. Read it slowly and prepare for your life to be changed.” David Benner – author of Opening to God and Soulful Spirituality

$15 + postage
$25 + postage

“This is a book like no other! It offers a deep spirituality of hope when we are stuck in a crisis. But it does much more. These authors woo us into the presence of the God of hope through ancient and modern spiritual practices. . . . A rich breviary for today and tomorrow. Read it and learn to pray.” R. Paul Stevens, Professor Emeritus, Regent College, and author of Down-to-Earth Spirituality

“Here is a ‘lay’ theology from the gut and not simply from the head, from the street and not only from the library. Here God is wrestled with and not simply known in quiet certainty. Here the pain of life is faced in the hope of healing and transformation.” $28 + postage

“In this beautifully written book, Irene Alexander has made the ancient scriptures live for those seeking to hear wisdom that comes from deep wells. Here the gospel narratives, in a contemporary voice, vibrate with a new relevance.” Charles Ringma, Professor emeritus, Regent College, Canada $15 + postage

$25 + postage

“After years of trying, I know that any speaking on gender issues is like walking across a mine field. But you will enjoy here a walk that is so intelligent and spiritually grounded that it will feel like an exciting, faith-filled, and challenging walk through mountain passes and shady valleys. If you are seeking wisdom on these narrow and largely unwalked paths, this is the book to read!” Richard Rohr, OFM, Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“This is a remarkable collection of quotations from the communion of Saints across the ages, which will deeply enrich your soul, and transform your identity as a Christian. I know of no other spiritual treasury like this.” James M. Houston, Spiritual Theology, Regent College, Vancouver $45 + postage

This book takes us ‘inside’ gospel stories, so we might explore the ideas of learning grace, accepting brokenness and self forgiveness, through imagining ourselves to be in the presence of Jesus. $10 + postage

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$28 + postage

“Having lived in a shared household as part of an intentional community for over thirty years, I wish I had read this book at the beginning of that journey. Alexander gets to the heart of how relationships work and does so in a way that empowers us to love one another well for the long haul. I will refer this book to other community dwellers!” Tim Dickau, author of Plunging into the Kingdom Way

“This book is an invitation to another way of seeing, but it is also dense in alternative epistemological sources. . .It can be read by any teacher or administrator, school or institution hoping to make learning more open and transformational in any discipline or context.” Nicola Hoggard Creegan, Lecturer in Theology, Laidlaw College. $25 + postage

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